The red sole is the mark of Christian Louboutin wedding shoes. Just think about a girl wearing a pair of the red sole shoes in the street, you can hear the voice that the heel hits the ground. How wonderful it is. And if you match a short skirt. With the wildly summer wind, your long hair fluttering, who can say such women do not have charming? Mr. Christian Louboutin think it is the high heeled shoes that let women to keep health. Because the high heeled shoes slow down their steps. The difference is just like driving and riding a bike. You can enjoy the beautiful sight when you ride a bike at least. The red sole wedding shoes are the symbol of women, the direct source of women's superiority complex. Once I even heared that," if a woman do not wear the red sole highed heel shoes, and she knows nothing about fashion." That's true, if you want to be a fashion woman, you must wear it. Then women with the red sole high heeled will be different from others. They are charming, attractive and sexy. However do not any women can wear it. The red sole wedding shoes are the symbole of some stratum. Only you enter those stratum, you can show its beauty, as well as your charming. Christian Louboutin create the famous high heeled shoes legend since the Cinderella, almost everyone likes to wear it. 

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